3 Objections Clients Have To Working With You + How To Overcome Them

The key to running a successful digital marketing agency in Canada is to accept that sales objections are part of the journey and to learn how to overcome them. Prospects might be hesitant to book your services, but this does not mean that they cannot be convinced. 

As a digital marketing reseller in Canada, we know how important it is to woo your leads. Let’s take a look at some of the most common objections you will come across and how to overcome them and make the sale! 

1.   “I Don’t Have The Budget”

This is the most common objection that your agency will come across. The important thing to remember is to sell the value of your services, which justifies the price tag. Your services are an investment that your clients are making in order to gather leads, generate awareness, or push sales. When you sell the solution and use its value to explain the price tag, you will overcome this objection. 

2.   “I Don’t Trust You”

A potential client might be hesitant to sign with your agency simply because they don’t know who you or the business are. The most effective way to overcome this objection is to eliminate it in the first place by putting a proper nurturing sequence in place that helps introduce you and your agency to leads. 

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3.   “I Don’t Need What You’re Selling”

Sometimes, your prospects will object to your offer because they just don’t think they need social media marketing, newsletters, a website, or SEO services. This is an opportunity for your agency to educate the client as to the transformation that your services can guarantee. Use cases are helpful in overcoming this objection. 

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