4 Must-Haves To Include In Your Briefs

Creating a comprehensive brief is critical, regardless of whether you are planning to deliver the work yourself, hand it over to your internal team to complete, or to a white label partner, such as ourselves. Having all of the pertinent information in one place will limit mistakes and scope creep. 

As the reseller of white label digital marketing packages, our team can vouch for the difference that clear, detailed briefs make. Read on and ensure that you include the following elements in your next design brief to ensure success. 

1.   Timeline And Deadlines

When you clearly outline the timeline of the project in question, as well as key deadlines, or a Gantt project management chart, you will force yourself and your team to consider the duration of the project and plan according to a schedule. Deadlines will also come in handy when managing your client’s expectations and will be very important if you plan to outsource the project to a third party. 

2.   Your Client’s Audience

Be sure to deep-dive into who your client’s audience is and include all of the nitty-gritty details in the brief. Their particular audience will affect everything from strategy to marketing channel choice to colour choices, which is why this is an important element to avoid missing in the brief. 

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3.   Campaign Or Project Goals

During your onboarding meeting with your client, prompt them with questions to understand exactly what they hope to accomplish with your services. This is the point where you may also need to align their goals with different services. 

For example, a client may say that they want social media marketing services and that their goal is to generate and convert 500 leads. This is where you would explain that social media marketing is a top-of-funnel strategy and that their goals would be better suited to a lead-generation campaign. 

4.   Content Samples 

Lastly, ask your client to send you examples of what they like or of past content that they were happy with. This will save you time and help you get into your client’s head quickly. 

Creating detailed briefs ensures that you and your client are always on the same page and that they understand the direction you are heading in when work starts. Briefing correctly also ensures that when you work with us, you can deliver the perfect result to clients.

Our web design reseller program in Canada, as well as our other white label digital marketing services, will perform much better when your agency takes these steps. Once you’re ready with the brief, let’s create some magic together! 

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