How Many Graphic Design Revisions Should You Include In Your Packages?

Graphic Designs

Many digital marketing agencies allow a certain number of revisions to be made to a graphic design after completion, including logo designs, website designs, social media post designs, and much more. 

While the number of revisions you allow clients to request is completely up to your agency, too many or none at all can hurt your client relationship and business in the long run. As digital marketing resellers, we have worked with thousands of digital agencies across Canada and beyond. We’ve seen agencies that offer everything from 1 client revision to 10 revisions. 

Typically, the agreed revisions are included in the original quote, and anything beyond this is billed per hour. It’s important to note that presenting your designs in the most comprehensive manner can help to avoid client revision requests, especially when you take the time to explain the deliberate thought and strategy that went into something as “simple” as a colour choice. 

Develop A Policy And Stick To It

Once you’ve tried and tested various revision packages for specific services at your agency, decide on a number of revisions included in the service fee and timeframe and stick to it. Make sure that you clearly state your revision policy in any SLA, contract, or other written agreement. It’s even worth mentioning your revision policy during sales calls and the onboarding meeting to avoid any misunderstanding between your client and yourself. 

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Steer Clear Of Unlimited Revisions 

When you tell a client that you will be available for as many revisions as they fancy, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Not only are you undermining your client’s trust in your agency when you hint that your team won’t get it right the first 3 or so times, but you’re also opening your agency up to endless back and forth with a client overwhelmed by too many options. 

If you’ve never dealt with a client asking you to try it in blue, orange, yellow, red, purple, green, metallic gold, and black and white, keep it that way by limiting how many changes you’re willing to make. 

Choose Wisely From The Beginning

Some clients are difficult in that they simply keep changing their minds. They’ll flip-flop between business names, brand colour preferences, and even what their business actually does. Avoid this by being selective about your clients from the start. Develop thorough chemistry checks that help ensure every client you work with is a good fit. 

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